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Data Loss - Data Recovery:

If you had a computer crash, accidentally deleted files then emptied your recycle bin, then our hard drive data recovery services can help. Our Data Recovery Tips can also help provide a guideline on how to reduce or eliminate a data loss disaster.

Data Recovery Help - Recover Lost Data

Do Not - Browse Internet using your affected computer.
Browsing the Internet using your affected computer will continue to write onto your hard drive, temp files and meta files. If you found us on the Internet and are using your computer that has a data loss, please stop and call us for help. Your chances to recover data decreases as you continue to use your computer.
Do Not - Download data recovery programs or utilities.
Downloading files can overwrite on to hard drive locations where recoverable data is stored. Running a data recovery program changes the integrity of your hard drive. RestoreMyData utilizes proprietary imaging tools to ensure several data recovery techniques can be performed to maximize your data recovery. Therefore, your failed hard disk needing a hard drive repair is never compromised. Most computer users needing a data restore are not able to do this.
Do Not Run CHKDSK (Checkdisk).
CHKDSK checks the operating system for file errors and file corruption. It can misidentify good files as damaged files, and then automatically deletes hard drive files and data. Often you will note messages such as:
"Deleting corrupt attribute record from file record segment".
"Deleting orphan file record segment".
"Deleting index entry Directory Name in index".
The result... running the Checkdisk utility lost data.
Do Not - Reboot your computer.
The more activity taking place on your hard drive, the greater the chance that some of your lost data will be written over by rebooting your computer system.
Do Not - Keep your computer on.
Even if your computer was just left on and not being used, the operating system continues to save cache that can overwrite and destroy recoverable files.
Do Not - Check or send email.
Launching programs, such as email will also write to your hard drive and can destroy data that would otherwise be recoverable.
Do Not - Copy files to hard drive containing lost data.
Saving files on the same hard drive that experienced a data loss often results in data destruction, as lost files that were recoverable now may become unrecoverable files.
Do Not - Slam your hard drive against any surface.
There is a "rumor" that you can perform a hard drive repair by slamming it against a hard flat surface. This "rumor" is you can dislodge the stuck hard drive heads from the hard drive platters. The problem is this action typically results in scratching the hard drive platters or damaging the hard drive heads.
Do Not - Heat or freeze your crashed hard drive.
There is a rumor that heating and cooling a hard drive will unstick a hard drive heads stuck onto the platter. The problem is that extreme temperatures can destroy the hard drive electronic components and significantly complicate a hard drive data recovery.
Do Not - Dry or clean your damaged hard drive.
Cleaning a drive must be performed by a data recovery expert. A physical hard drive repair should only be performed in a Class 100 clean room. NEVER attempt a data recovery when you need hard drive repairs.
Do Not - Attempt the data recovery yourself.
Data recovery software can work, but it can also destroy recoverable data. We highly recommend that only someone with excellent computer skills try to do a hard disk data recovery on their own. Do not risk your data recovery.
"Recovering Your Data is Priority."
Data Recovery Less Stressful.
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Data Recovery & Data Recovery Help:

We offer many suggestions on how to maximize your data recovery and minimize your data loss. Over the years, RestoreMyData has developed propriety data recovery tools and techniques to help recover files and data for our clients.
Our tools allow us access to unreadable hard drives and storage media in their most basic form and mount unrecognized hard drives. "We then work with a copy of your hard drive or storage media so Your Data is Never Compromised."
Give us your corrupted data files, crashed hard drives or damaged media and you will receive our prompt, professionally performed data recovery service.
Our Recovery Guarantees
RMD´s experience and high customer satisfaction levels are why clients recommend our data recovery services.

Our online File Recovery Viewer is another example of how we strive to help clients see what data we believe is recoverable, before they buy their data recovery service.
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