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What Are The Leading Causes of Data Loss?

A common problem that occurs during a data loss is the company or individual experiencing a data loss will panic. As a result, recoverable data stored on hard drives, digital media or usb keys are put at risk.Although many corporations backup their servers, we have seen backups go directly to the wrong server location, or fail to restore from tape.
When performing a RAID Data Recovery or repairing a hard drive failure it is critical to perform a hardware image of the failed hard drive or media. Most corporations and individuals are not equipped to perform this task. Our hardware images never change or write onto the original RAID hard drives or failed storage media undergoing the data recovery.
Unless you have a thorough understanding of how to resolve a data loss situation, we recommend that you do NOT attempt to recover your data.

Can Data Recovery Software Help Recover Data?

RestoreMyData often get calls after people use various data recovery utilities. Disk utilities provide excellent preventative maintenance and fix some problems. Unfortunately, installing data recovery programs can result in permanent overwrites or destroy recoverable lost data, business files or pictures if not performed properly.
We suggest that professionals having excellent data recovery skills utilize data recovery software.

Key Problems Using Data Recovery Software:

Hard Drive image not being performed.
Computer users are not able to undo changes made on the failed hard drive.
Running recovery software will make changes to your computer system.
Files can be lost or accidentally overwritten.
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Hard Drive Failures:

Our findings indicate that 79% of all Data Loss is caused by Computer Hardware or System Failures such as:
Disk Boot Failure.
Hard Drive Not Recognized in BIOS.
Partition Goes Offline.
Hard Drive Heads Scraping.
Hard Drive is Not Spinning.
Hard Drive Heads are Not Reading.
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Our online File Recovery Viewer is another example of how we strive to help clients see what data we believe is recoverable, before they buy their data recovery service.
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