Digital SD Data Loss & USB Flash Drives Failure.

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Digital Data Loss can result from:

Short Circuited SD Memory Cards.
Damaged SanDisk Cards.
Broken USB Flash Drives.
Formatted Media Cards.
Formatted USB Memory Sticks.
Recovering lost digital pictures is still possible even if your Memory Card is damaged.
If your SD card (SanDisk Memory Card) is Not recognized by your camera... your data is still recoverable. Corrupted digital media not seen by your computer can be recovered.

Some Digital Recovery Services Provided:

USB Flash Drive Photo Recovery.
SD Photo Recovery.
SDHC Digital Photo Recovery.
Smart Media Photo Recovery.
xD Picture Recovery.
Compact Flash Photo Recovery.
Digital Picture Recovery.
Camera Flash Photo Recovery.
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Digital Photo Recovery.

Pictures are stored on USB memory cards, SD Flash Media and other digital memory type devices. Failure of a USB Flash drive or SD Flash media is quite different than hard drive recovery.
Digital media is less prone to physical damage as there are no moving parts, however, they are sensitive to power surges, short circuited memory cards and battery failures.
USB memory card recoveries and SD recoveries are more challenging as the digital memory card can not communicate with any device. In such cases, the USB memory stick, or the SD memory card require physical repairs before any digital photo recovery or data recovery can be performed.

Physical Digital Media Photo Recovery.

We can physically repair Most USB Drives and external USB Storage Devices. We Recover Data from USB devices and external USB Hard Drives. Broken Internal Connections, Damaged Media Chips or Broken Circuit Boards, can’t stop RMD from recovering your lost, formatted, corrupted or inaccessible photos or digital data.

To maximize your Digital SD Photo Recovery remember…

If your Digital Media is close to capacity… DO NOT Attempt your own Digital Photo Recovery.
MORE AND MORE DATA GETS OVERWRITTEN AS YOU TRY TO ACCESS YOUR Digital CARD. We have seen a 7% decrease in digital photo’s recovered after clients initially attempted their own digital photo recovery and quickly realized they need a professional to help recover their digital photo’s. This digital photo failure significantly increased with continued digital data recovery attempts.
Our Recovery Guarantees
RMD´s experience and high customer satisfaction levels are why clients recommend our data recovery services.

Our online File Recovery Viewer is another example of how we strive to help clients see what data we believe is recoverable, before they buy their data recovery service.
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