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RAID Arrays - NAS Storage.

Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives costs have dropped significantly while storage space continues to increase. 1TB (Terabyte) SATA drives are becoming a cost-effective way of providing large amounts of RAID storage space.
While backup Tapes are a viable backup solution, SAN RAID arrays and NAS storage devices are steadily replacing the older Tape technologies. A significant advantage RAID servers have are fast read and write speeds. These read write speeds far surpass any Tape back up system.

Choosing Data Protection Systems.

Storage System manufacturers are pursuing unique ways of processing large amounts of data while maintaining data redundancy. Other large SAN systems incorporate systems that create low-level file system.
Another alternative is the SAN RAID server takes advantage of a log based writing technique to specific individual hard drives. This saved log then allows the SAN storage unit to recover from power failures or unpredictable shutdowns.

Preventing Storage System Failures:

How can we reduce storage system failures?
One method is to add redundancy to your storage system. Another choice is to duplicate storage systems onto identical servers and develop a viable disaster RAID plan. Performing incremental backups, a real time snapshot of the file-system, utilizes a log based checkpoint and is a very effective tool to restore lost data.
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NAS SAN Data Recovery.

Network Attached Systems (NAS) enable users to store data over a local area network (LAN). Storage Area Network (SAN) typically are attached to servers and are used as dedicated storage devices that run RAID 0, 1, 4, 5 …
NAS servers are more efficient, easier to manage and provide better I/O performance than a typical file-server. NAS or SAN RAID server crash can severely impact businesses as they heavily rely on storing their business data on NAS or SAN servers.
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