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How to Repair RAID 5.

A RAID array goes offline when the hard disk I/O access fails. This RAID failure can result from a faulty RAID controller card, a server virus attack, a hard drive failure or multiple hard drive failure.
See our RAID Tips page for more RAID crash tips.
If your RAID server failed and your RAID hard disks went offline, do not rebuild anything unless you are highly experienced in restoring from RAID failures.
This is especially dangerous if the RAID is attempting to rebuild the RAID array and you remove a RAID disk out of the RAID array.

RAID Partition Recovery.

Deleting a RAID partition on a dynamic disk can delete all dynamic volumes on the RAID hard drives. This can destroy data stored on the RAID hard drive partition and leave the hard disk in a corrupted state.
The best way to recover from this type of RAID partition deletion or failure is to image the hard drive and attempt to use recovery software on the imaged RAID hard drive affected. Once completed, the RAID drives can be recombined and rebuilt to restore the lost data resulting from the RAID partition failure.
Individuals having excellent computer skills and data structure should only perform this type of RAID partition recovery.
Never use the original RAID hard disks to test anything.

X Server Recovery.

An X Server Failed to Start when the RAID Volume that is journaled is not large enough for the size of the RAID volume being used. After adjusting the size of the journal, the X Server (RAID server) can then be rebooted and the mounts will be re-established.
Making changes to a RAID system can result in catastrophic RAID failures.
Do not attempt to repair any failed RAID servers unless you have excellent data structure and RAID rebuilding skills.
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