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Rebuilding RAID Data Recovery:

RAID 0 has a hard drive failure.
RAID 5 has multiple hard drive failures.
Virus attacks RAID Server.
RAID Controller fails.
Hard Drives and partitions become Inaccessible.
Bad hard drive sectors.
Logical hard drives fail.
Partitions are reformatted.
Server registry configuration was lost.
RAID drives reconfigured improperly.
RestoreMyData takes great measures to maximize your RAID Recovery.
It takes only seconds to turn a mistake into a RAID disaster!
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RAID Data Recovery Help:

RAID failures and data corruption can bring about havoc to any corporation. We hope our RAID Recovery Help will help you resolve your RAID failure.
Do Not take OEM technical support advice unless they configured your
RAID system.
Check all RAID Hard Drive and hardware connections.
Do Not try to rebuild a crashed RAID array unless you know:
- If the RAID went offline.
- Which RAID Hard drive failed?
- What caused the RAID failure?
Do Not try to reconfigure your RAID array hard drives onto a different
RAID controller card.
Do Not reconfigure the hard drive positioning on your RAID array.
This can destroy data permanently.
Unless you are highly experienced with hex editing, drive structures, MFT
mount points and offsets, Do Not attempt your own RAID data recovery.
Do Not power cycle a clicking or non-responsive RAID drive. I t will
not bring your RAID back online.
Never restore files onto the failed RAID array or any hard drives that had
Do Not Run Disk Defragmentation on RAID Running Disk Defragmentation
on a failed RAID Array will destrip the RAID array and significantly complicate the RAID data recovery process.
Do Not Run CHKDSK (Checkdisk).
CHKDSK checks the operating system for file errors and file corruption. It can misidentify good files as damaged files, and then automatically deletes those hard drive files and data. Chkdsk also deletes index data, reassign data pointers, and destroys raw data, RAID striping making RAID recovery more complicated.
Running CHKDSK may give messages such as:
"Deleting corrupt attribute record from file record segment".
"Deleting orphan file record segment".
"Deleting index entry Directory Name in index".
The result... running Checkdisk utility lost some of your data.
Do Not - Download data recovery programs or utilities.
Downloading files can overwrite onto hard drive locations where recoverable data is stored. Running a data recovery program changes the integrity of your hard drive. RestoreMyData utilizes proprietary imaging tools to ensure several data recovery techniques can be performed to maximize your data recovery. Therefore, your failed hard disk needing a hard drive repair is never compromised. Most computer users needing a data restore are not able to do this.
Our Recovery Guarantees
RMD´s experience and high customer satisfaction levels are why clients recommend our data recovery services.

Our online File Recovery Viewer is another example of how we strive to help clients see what data we believe is recoverable, before they buy their data recovery service.
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