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Server Data Recovery:

There are several categories that encompass Server Data Recoveries. Some include the following:

RAID Data Recovery:

RAID Data Recovery is a complex recovery process. The outline below reveals how some server RAID failures can occur. Our findings indicate that human error or bad judgment is a significant cause of RAID failures resulting in an increased amount of irrecoverable data loss.
This is NOT the time for an IT person to experiment on recovering RAID data.
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RAID Server Rebuild:

RAID controller failed.
RAID configuration lost.
Re-initialized RAID array.
Multiple hard drive failure.
RAID partition is missing.
Formatted RAID partition.
Virus attack damaged striping.
Software corruption.
Upgraded operating system.
Human error.
Server registry corrupted.
RAID hardware incompatibility.
RAID drives damaged by hurricanes, flooding or water damage.
There are several steps necessary to perform a RAID data recovery.
Firstly, the IT professional must establish if the RAID failure was due to logical corruption, or if the RAID failure was due to physically damaged hard drives. Logical corruption requires that you make a raw image of the affected RAID drives. These drives then need to be destriped. Physically failed RAID hard drives can not be imaged until the damaged drives are repaired. Once completed, the physically repaired hard drives are imaged and destriped. The raw images are then rebuilt such that the RAID data can be recovered. This process is time consuming as many variables do affect the rebuilding of the RAID data.
Virus recovery is included as part of a RAID server recovery since RAID is sensitive to virus attack. A virus can take a server offline, delete a partition or corrupt RAID stripping.
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