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Virus Recovery Tips:

An undetected virus can destroy your data, attack your server and network and greatly slow your computer system down.
In many cases viruses avoid detection by:
Changing their appearance and size.
Hide the changes it makes to the hard disk.
Modifying files by changing the pointer in the directory.

Server Data Recovery - Server Virus Attack

Another Virus Recovery Tip is to disable the automatic repair option in the antivirus program before you begin your virus scan. Turn off your system restore application and re-enable after the system is virus free. Scan your computer, network and servers using the latest virus utilities. Identify, isolate and clean any viruses found. It is critical that infected network computers be physically isolated.
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How to Avoid a Virus Recovery Service:

Avoid opening files ending with an (EXE, COM, VBS, ZIP, etc.)
Avoid opening suspicious Email attachments.
Disable your e-mail auto preview setting.
Scan Email attachments with virus software prior to opening.
Be suspicious of Word or Excel files from unknown sources.
Turn Word and Excel Macro warnings on.
If you are not certain if files are safe, always default to Disable Macros.
Email Word files in RTF - RTF does not support macros.
Do not boot off a floppy disk.
Write protect your system and disks.
Set your NORMAL.DOT properties to read only.

Virus Data Recovery Tips & AUTOEXEC.BAT*

AUTOEXEC.BAT is typically attacked via malicious viruses. We recommend:
Make 2 copies of your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
Secure these batch files in a safe location.
Rename one copy to AUTOEX.BAT.
Edit your AUTOEX.BAT file as follows:
Right click the AUTOEX.BAT file.
Choose edit.
Replace with single entry in notepad as AUTOEX.
Close and save file.
Remove the original AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
This will stop viruses from adding code to your AUTOEX.BAT file.
*(Warning: Improper configuration of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file will result in operating system failure and possible data loss).
Please take all precautions of saving files externally so you may replace
improperly configured AUTOEXEC.BAT files. RestoreMyData cannot take responsibility for any improperly configured AUTOEXEC.BAT files or custom settings.
You should keep scheduled backups of your computer files and critical
information. If your computer virus is not cleanable, you will still be able to restore your data and critical files.
Make sure to install the latest operating system security patches, updates and
service packs on your computer and server.
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