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MAC's utilize a Linux based operating system and typically are stable, however, they still do fail. The MAC operating system can fail when the MAC system files get corrupted, or if the user accidentally deletes system files, or the user formats the MAC hard drive. Employee sabotage is another way the MAC operating system can fail. The end result is that critical MAC files were deleted or destroyed. Lastly, the most advanced form of an Apple or MAC computer fails is becuase the Apple hard drive / MAC hard drive has physically failed.
Apple Hard drives can fail when they are hit or shocked or dropped while they are on. Another way the MAC hard drive can fail is because there is an electrical surge or power disruption while your hard drive is on and running. When an electrical power failure occurs to a Macbook or Mackbook Pro the Macbook or Mackbook Pro's hard drive will fail. Usually, this Apple hard drive failure is due to a faulty power supply.
Failure to the Mackbook's hard drive can also occur when the Mackbook's internal battery is very weak and is not able to provide enough power to support the Mackbook or Mackbook Pro internal Apple hard drive. The result, is the Apple hard drive head can misalign and fail or the hard drive heads can touch the Apple hard drive platters and scratch the hard drive platters ( the area where your data is being stored). If the Apple hard drive heads stick to the platters, they form a "surface weld" that makes data recovery quite challenging.
RMD has successfully recovered data from failed Apple hard drives or shocked Apple hard drives while they are on. Internal dust contamination, another way the MAC hard drive can get damaged can occur because the read/write heads overheat due to poor air ventilation. RestoreMyData is well positioned to recover data from both types of data loss including Apple hard drive failures, MAC file corruption, broken resource forks and all types of logical MAC hard drive failures.

Broken MAC Resource Forks.

MAC files contain two parts called forks - a data fork and a resource fork. That means two files are linked to one name in the MAC file system. The resource fork can hold resources such as icons, fonts, menus and sounds, warning boxes and GUI (Graphical User Interface). The resource fork has a specific structure allowing programs to find and access a particular resource quickly. The data fork holds data such as text and images. Transferring a MAC file to a PC network can break the resource fork. Lost MAC data typically is the result of a corrupted data fork or file resource fork. RestoreMyData recodes these "broken" resource forks using MACBinary technology. Our MAC Data Recovery is based on our expertise to rebuild the lost or broken resource forks via this MACBinary technology.

MAC Data Structure.

The MAC OS has gone through many changes over time. The MAC OS 9x generations and some prior MAC generations relied on a unique data structure called a file resource fork or data fork. MAC OSX, Tiger, Leapard and higher MAC operating systems do not need to rely on the file resource fork or data fork. Fortunately, very few Apple applications today depend on using the MAC resource fork.

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