Forensic Recovery methods identify illegal cybercrime activities.

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Forensic Recovery - Exposing Illegal Activity.

Our forensic recovery findings expose camouflaged files. Camouflaged files are files that have been renamed, hidden or associated to an application that cannot recognize the file.
Hiding incriminating data, content or criminal activity is a common practice used in cybercrime. Several forensic recovery methods used to identify illegal activities are:
• Employee Deleted, Changed or Downloaded Files.
• Manipulated Legal Documents.
• Deleted or Changed Emails.
• Misuse of Internet by Employees.
• Deleted Profiles or Partitions by Employees.
• Disguised or Hidden Files.
• Evaluated Swap Files and Slack Files.
• Recovery of Printed and Faxed Documents.
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Software & Hardware Forensic Recovery Imaging.

Forensic recovery software solutions copy digital information, and tend to be slow and sometimes inadequate in a court of law. This may allow a defense attorney the opportunity to invalidate data by claiming the data was "altered" or not reliable.
Our forensic hardware equipment is accurate, fast and accepted in a court of law. Our forensic recovery hardware solutions quickly and reliably copy hard drives including deleted and encrypted files.
In fact, forensic recovery software solutions are not able to compete with hardware computer forensics. This is especially critical when secretly copying a suspect's hard drive is required.
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