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Computer Forensic Discovery FAQ's.

RestoreMyData has provided some cases briefly describing how companies have invalidated their own forensic discovery while evidence gathering.

Can I Conduct My Own Forensic Discovery?

Client Performed Internal Investigation.
A company used their internal staff to perform a computer discovery. Their technician turned on the computer, printed the suspicious files and downloaded these files onto an external storage device as evidence.
This company's forensic investigation seemed to be reasonable, however, take note as to how the computer forensic discover was compromised.
Computer Forensics Compromised.
The chain of custody was invalidated.
Some hidden evidence were destroyed.
Data was compromised & may be invalidated in court.
Forensic Discovery was compromised.
Client Incurred increased forensic investigation Costs.
Computer Forensic Solution.
In some cases, RestoreMyData may be able to salvage the damaged evidence. This "undo" process is very time consuming and expensive, however, this computer forensic recovery service may salvage “damaged evidence”.

How Not To Conduct a Forensic Discovery?

Client Hesitated to Act.
A company noticed some cybercrime activity. They found some hidden files and hidden files. They hesitated to take action due to perceived high costs.
Computer Forensics Compromised.
Forensic discovery relies on the ability to reconstruct timelines of data accessed, deleted, concealed or camouflaged files. Delaying resulted in lost data since files were overwritten and could no longer be recovered using conventional computer forensics technology. This inaction complicated the discovery process and significantly increased the forensic discovery cost.
Computer Forensic Solution.
RestoreMyData offers a computer discovery service that will perform forensic images at specific points in time. This forensic image is securely stored for possible future examination. This allows the client the flexibility to go back in time and request a computer investigation on the secured disk. This Computer Forensic Solution is very cost effective and offers great client flexibility.

Can I Reduce Forensic Recovery Costs?

Client Chose Wrong Consultant.
A company needed to perform a forensic investigative service and requested a forensic discovery. They chose the wrong computer forensic service company and realized that they looked for evidence in the wrong location.
Computer Forensics Compromised.
No valuable information was recovered to support the clients' suspicions. Proof and the investigation are stopped due to lack of evidence. The client unnecessarily paid for an unproductive investigation.
Computer Forensic Solution.
RestoreMyData offers a consultation service to educate the client on the forensic discovery investigation strategy. Depending on the nature of the cybercrime, we would provide options to the client so they may better understand how the employee could have contributed to the cybercrime.

Probing Computer Forensic Questions.

Here are some questions you should address before taking any forensic recovery action.
Was the potential suspect authorized to log into the company server via remote
Did the potential suspect use an e-mail server?
Did this individual have access to a company owned laptop or notebook,
  workstation or server?
Was a home computer involved in the cybercrime?
Your answers ultimately assist us in strategically directing you, owith a viable computer forensic investigation to implement.
We take great pride in providing clients with professionalism and respect.
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