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We Recover Data from Failed Hard Drives.


If you have notice these hard drive failures… we can help.
Your Hard Drive "clicks".
Hard Drive won't spin up.
Hard Drive was Formatted
Your Hard Drive overheated or burned?
Important files are lost or corrupted.
BIOS detects Hard Drive as wrong size.
Operating System Error - Can't recognize Hard Drive. Format now?
Your digital camera photos no longer found on your memory card.

Data Recovery Services - Hurricanes:

RestoreMyData offers special pricing to companies and individuals that have lost data due to natural disasters such as major flooding, lightning strikes, fire damage, or mud slides.
Call 1-877-888-9990 for Hurricane Data Recovery Services Help.
RestoreMyData will arrange to pickup your damaged hard drives, pack them and proceed to get your data back. For disaster RAID Server recovery we ask you label the hard drive order.
Hurricane Data Recovery TIPS:
NEVER power up your hard drive.
NEVER open your hard drive.
NEVER clean the dirty or wet hard drives.
NEVER heat or dry the hard drives or tapes.
If your drive was flooded, we suggest you send RMD the drive wet in a sealed plastic bag / container and call for special packaging instructions.
RestoreMyData uses a special cleaning process after muddy, dirty or wet hard drives or tapes have been contaminated. Our process involves the removal of hard drive platters, heads, magnets and electronic PCB´s. The platters are submerged in a proprietary cleaning solution that removes hard drive corrosion and foreign matter.
NEVER use any commercial cleaning chemicals that are not compatible with hard drive electronics. Cleaning dirty read write heads and all internal components is essential to recovering from dirty storage media.
Once we have certified the hard drive platters as "cleaned" we then image the hard drives and evaluate the status of the "cleaned" hard drive or storage media.
Call 1-877-888-9990 for Hurricane Disaster Recovery Service Help.
Our Recovery Guarantees
RMD´s experience and high customer satisfaction levels are why clients recommend our data recovery services.

Our online File Recovery Viewer is another example of how we strive to help clients see what data we believe is recoverable, before they buy their data recovery service.
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