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Desktop Data Recovery.

Lost data resulting from a desktop computer failure typically occur as employees conveniently save files and data on their desktop and fail to save their data onto their RAID server. An IT Administrator can implement very basic procedures to minimize needing a Desktop Data Recovery Service.
One method is to force employees to save data directly onto a RAID server via mapping and configured user rights. This ensures that no data on the desktop is lost. Another method is to save the users desktops onto a RAID server during the nightly backup process. In either situation, a desktop data recovery would not be needed.

How I Lost My Desktop Data?

Desktop recoveries are important since some individuals tend to place large amounts of data on their desktop and not back them up. Without any warning, they find their operating system crashed. The user attempts to repair their operating system by reinstalling the operating system onto the computer or server and then realizes the data on their desktop was replaced with a new desktop and their data is lost. Clearly, saving the users data on a RAID server would have prevented the desktop data from being lost.

Desktop Recovery Services.

RestoreMyData offers Desktop Recovery Services on Any:
Operating System - (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.)
File System - NTFS, FAT 16/32, Ext2FS, Ext3FS.
File Corruption, Hard Drive or RAID Server Failure.
Desktop Data Loss Warnings.
It's time to act if you experience:
Strange Hard Drive Clicking Noises.
Hard Drive Grinding Sounds.
Blue Screen of Death.
Black Screen.
Blinking Cursor.
Computer Freezes or is Unresponsive.
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If Your Desktop Is Failing:
Turn the computer off - to prevent additional damage to data.
Do not restart computer.
Never install data recovery software.
Do not disassemble or hit any damaged hard drive.
Do not use file recovery software or other repair utilities.
If your Desktop is lost or corrupted... our Data Recovery Tips may help you.
Never reinstall an operating system back onto your computer unless you have a viable backup and are able to restore your desktop from a backup disk or tape. We often get calls from clients using the wrong recovery disk and lose their data, thereby requesting a desktop data recovery service.

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Our Free Data Recovery Evaluation can help you decide what course of action to take before proceeding with our desktop recovery service. RestoreMyData offers various data recovery service options to help recover your lost desktop data.
Our Recovery Guarantees
RMD´s experience and high customer satisfaction levels are why clients recommend our data recovery services.

Our online File Recovery Viewer is another example of how we strive to help clients see what data we believe is recoverable, before they buy their data recovery service.
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