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Email Recovery:

Email Recovery is a recovery process utilized to restore deleted emails from a mail program such as:
Outlook Express       Microsoft Exchange Server    Macintosh Email
The mail failure can result from a deleted user´s profile, a lost partition, a physical hard drive failure, a logical failure or from a virus attack.
In many cases, email recovery utilities can be used, however, great care must be exercised to ensure critical data is not accidentally corrupted, lost or overwritten.
In other cases, the outlook mail PST file is damaged or corrupted, or the EDB file, which is used in exchange server recovery, is damaged.

While computer restore features are part of the operating system, using them as a method to restore lost emails may sometimes work.

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Perform email recovery - DIY?

While many users have successfully recovered their emails using software utilities, many have also not been successful.
Our findings reveal that an unsuccessful email recovery results from user errors, or from a physical hard drive failure.
While email recovery utilities are inexpensive, consider this before you attempt your recovery. If your hard drive is failing, then performing an email recovery using software is dangerous. The time spent trying to recover the email files should have been used to perform a forensic image recovery, or targeting the needed files to perform the email recovery.
Unfortunately, the user typically can not determine if their hard drive is physically damaged or logically corrupted.
Another issue is that the user expected better email recovery results as indicated by the email recovery utility. Typically, the user gets one shot to get it right, as there are no do over´s unless you have made forensic images.
If your Exchange server has failed, we highly suggest you do not risk your exchange server or emails. Experimenting with exchange server is risky if attempted by an individual without exchange server data recovery experience.
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