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Mac Email Recovery.

Entourage Email seems to have its share of problems. Many Mac Email recoveries are quite simple and can be done over the phone.
We have listed some Mac Email Failures that users typically come across that may result in a Mac Email Recovery.
Mac Email recoveries may not be as simple if your hard drive goes off-line, or the heads are not working, or the hard drive is clicking or making strange noises. In these cases, we evaluate the condition of the failed hard drive in our lab.
After we identify the hard drive problems, we advise the client of the crashed hard drive status and provide a free quote.
Once the quote is approved, we repair the hard drive failures and make forensic images to begin the data recovery process.
These forensic images are used to begin our Mac Email Data Recovery. It also ensures the original data stored on the hard drive is not changed.
We can help recover your lost Mac Emails.
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Mac Email Failures Caused By:

I/O errors found when rebuilding Entourage.
Disappearing & reappearing messages on imap account.
Entourage email unexpectedly quits.
Entourage quits in rebuild screen.
Identity disappeared from hard drive.
Entourage opens with a new blank identity.
Text messages are gibberish.
Messages with an attachment creates error -5000.
My Mac Emails were lost after I re-registered.
"Lost Mailbox Lock" Entourage error message.
If your hard drive is failing or already crashed, no software utility can recover your lost Mac emails. Typically these situations typically require a physical data recovery service. Only after the failed hard drive is repaired can an attempt for a Mac Email Recovery be initated.
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