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Outlook Express Data Recovery.

Outlook Express emails, address books and attachments are stored as a DBX database. We sometimes are able to advantage of this and use it to recover lost emails. However, if you just lost an Address Book, then one can use the WAB database.
If you have not backed up your Outlook Express, then the lost emails you are looking for may not be recovered by this method.
We typically find that clients performing their own Outlook Express Recovery are not successful because the Outlook Express database is damaged, corrupted or not backed up.
RestoreMyData is highly experienced in Email data recovery. If your Outlook Express is corrupted, then we can help recover your lost emails.

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Planning To Attempt Your Own Outlook Express Recovery?

1. Use write protected hardware to image your source hard drive.
2. DO NOT install outlook express recovery software to the original hard drive.
3. NEVER restore data back to the source hard drive having the problem.
NEVER perform any Outlook Express Recovery recommendations unless you have an intimate understanding of the Operating System and excellent computer skills.
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