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RAID 0 Recovery Service.

We place high priority on every RAID data recovery since failed RAID systems are critical to all businesses. We can perform around the clock RAID data recovery support to ensure quicker file recovery and return of your lost data. Our RAID data recovery ranges from three to six business days.

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RAID 0 Data Recovery

RAID 0 is a RAID configuration without parity. A hard drive failure in a RAID 0 array crashes the entire RAID Server or PC system. Data from individual hard disks can be recovered, however, there is little room for error. In these cases, RMD images the failed RAID 0 array hard drives necessary to perform the RAID 0 Recovery. Physical hard drive failure within a RAID array failure must be repaired before an image and RAID recovery can be performed. If both hard drives can not be recovered in their entirety, then the RAID 0 recovery will be poor. In our example, you can see bits of data from File 1 stored on 2 RAID hard drives or partitions. Clearly, bits from both RAID hard drives must be recombined so File 1 can be accessed.

raid 0 recovery example
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