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RAID 1 Recovery in NJ & RAID 1 Data Recovery in New York

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RAID 1 Recovery

Our findings indicate that about 15% of our clients that contact us for a RAID 1 recovery do not have a physical hard drive failure. We also note that a good deal of clients rely on RAID 1 as the sole means of backup. In most cases, RAID 1 failures result from faulty RAID controller cards, bad physical connections, corrupted RAID software or a virus attack.
RAID 1 is the easiest data recovery process to perform, except when the disaster is due to employee sabotage, fire or weather disaster. In this RAID 1 example we note that File 1 is mirrored on both RAID drives. If a RAID Disk fails, then the remaining RAID disk continues to work and the data is still available.
If your RAID array is running in a degraded state, and you loose your second RAID hard disk, then the RAID recovery becomes much more complicated. This is the case since RAID disk 1 no longer matches the RAID disk2. The RAID data that was recently stored on the remaining RAID disk is now the only source for the RAID recovery service to be performed for newly saved files. Therefore, if the second RAID disk fails, then the RAID data recovery from the second RAID disk may be at risk.
raid 1 recovery example
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