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RAID 4 Recovery New Jersey & RAID 4 Recovery New York

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RestoreMyData specializes in all types of RAID Recoveries. RAID controller failures, software corruption, RAID Hard Disks failure and virus attack are just some of the RAID failures that we see. RestoreMyData can also recover your lost RAID Data.

RAID 4 Recovery:

RAID 4 performance is improved since it stripes data across the RAID Hard disks in blocks. It also provides fault tolerance using a dedicated RAID hard disk for parity. RAID 4 Recovery typically does not need a RAID Recovery unless the RAID array went offline due to a virus attack, multiple hard disk crash. RAID is never fool proof. If the RAID parity disk fails along with one disk in the RAID array, then a RAID 4 Recovery is required to recover the lost RAID data. Overall success rate for this type of recovery is about 88+ percent. The major difference between RAID 4 and RAID 5 is that RAID 4 has a dedicated parity disk, while RAID 5 parity is spread over all the RAID Disks. RAID 5 is more popular and our findings show it to be a more viable system if properly configured and managed.
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