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We offer Onsite RAID 5 Recovery Services.
Our RAID Recovery Services include ONSITE:
When it comes to a RAID 5 Recovery Services… We can help.
RAID 5 Recovery within the USA is also available.
RestoreMyData specializes in recovering your lost RAID Data.
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RAID 5 Recovery:

RMD specializes in all types of RAID data recoveries: From the more difficult RAID 0 recovery, where both RAID hard drives must be re-combined to recover the lost RAID data, to RAID 5 recovery, where we utilize parity calculations to rebuild and recover the lost data in the failed RAID 5 array. Regardless of the RAID data recovery performed, the hard drives in the RAID array are imaged.
The only exception to this is when a physical hard disk failure occurs and it holds critical data needed to rebuild the failed RAID 5 array. In the example below, we see 3 RAID disks that makeup the RAID 5 array. Bits from File 1 are spread over 3 RAID Hard Disks. If a single RAID 5 Disk fails, then the files are still available and can be accessed since the RAID will rebuild the data using the parity information while running in a degraded state.
If you fail to replace the crashed RAID 5 Drive and continue to run in a degraded state and another RAID 5 Drive fails, then your RAID 5 will go offline. A RAID 5 failure having 2 or more failed RAID 5 disks will be very difficult to rebuild as the parity information is also lost. This type of RAID 5 Recovery is possible, however, it is one of the most challenging since 2 of the RAID 5 hard disks have failed.
Warning: NEVER rebuild your RAID 5 if you were working in a degraded state.
Get RAID 5 Help - We can HELP.
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