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FBI Virus & Virus Recovery:

Viruses typically attack File Allocation Tables, Boot Sectors, Root Directories, partition tables, Master Boot Records, system configuration files and Antivirus Programs.
The FBI virus is a very agressvie virus. Before you clean the FBI virus off yourRAID Server, File Server or computer, please be sure you have a full system and data backup.
Also Check:
Has the FBI virus attack deleted any hard drive partitions ?
Did you loose access to a hard drive ?
Have you noticed any data loss?
Did the FBI Virus bring a RAID server offline ?
If you answered YES...

DO NOT RUN FBI Virus Cleaning Software Yet!

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Black Screen - Missing Operating System & Viruses:

While Symantec, Norton, Trend, Panda & McAfee can provide excellent antivirus software. It is likely your computer or server is infected with a computer virus if:
FBI Virus does not allow access to your computer.
Files are being deleted by Virus, corrupted or changed.
A RAID failure was observed.
A blank screen is observed or blinking cursor.
User enters one URL and is redirected to a different website.
A valid URL gives a message, "Page cannot be displayed."
User notices "missing operating system" warning.
If your virus software does not find a virus, yet your system responds slowly, we suggest getting help. Many viruses avoid detection by:
Viruses change their appearance and size.
Viruses hide hard drive changes it makes.
Viruses modifies files by changing the pointers in the directory.
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