Viruses attack system configuration files on your RAID hard drives.

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Virus Recovery:

A Virus Recovery is needed since viruses attack partition tables (Master Boot Record), File Allocation Table, Master File Table, Boot Sectors, E Mails and Root Directories. Viruses also attack system configuration files on your hard drive and RAID systems. Deleted partitions and lost data also result from virus attacks.
RestoreMyData offers virus recovery services to help clients recover lost or corrupt files after a Virus attack.

Cleaning Computer Viruses:

Before you clean any viruses off your RAID Server, File Server or computer, please be sure you have a full system data backup.

Did you Observe?

� Files were being deleted, corrupted or changed.
� A RAID failure occurred.
� A blank screen or blinking cursor.
�Missing Operating System� warning.
If YES …
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How to Protect Against a Virus Recovery?

A Computer administrator must always have a viable data backup solution. Poorly maintained RAID Servers are especially susceptible to virus attack. RAID 5 virus recoveries are more common since viruses corrupt the stripping of the RAID array. A RAID 0 virus recovery can also be greatly compromised. Computer and network administrators can observe unstable networks after a Virus was cleaned from the network. This occurs because a File Allocation Table, Boot Sector and Root Directory was corrupted by the malicious virus code.
These are some signs that your RAID Server, Network or Computers are infected.

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We can help with your virus data recovery.

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